The Struggles of Letting Go & How to Work Through It

Do you have a loved one who truly needs to downsize and struggles to let go?  There are so many emotions people go through when they have to face downsizing household goods – sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, and disgust.

Many people just don’t know how to decide whether to part with something.  Here are some of the struggles of decluttering:

  • We bargain….reason with ourselves….make excuses and convince ourselves why we need it…
  • We feel a sense of comfort surrounded by our things, so the thought of getting rid of these things can make us feel a bit lonely or empty.
  • I “might” need that
  • I “want” to do ___________________ with that
  • Just not receptive to change

Here are some things to consider for people who go through those struggles:

  • Consider asking yourself “why” do I want to keep this item?  Is because you “need” it or you “want” it?  How long have you had it?  When was the last time you used it?  Oh…you haven’t used it (perhaps it’s still in the packaging) – so if you are still on the fence, consider giving yourself a deadline.  I recommend the 1 year rule.  If you keep it and haven’t used it within 1 year, then let it go!
  • So you think you “might” need it?  Really dig deep into the why…WHY haven’t you used it?  WHY is it still in the packaging?  If you then find yourself wondering, HOW did this get lost?  HOW could I have forgotten I had this?  Bottom line – you probably haven’t used it because you haven’t needed it, otherwise you would’ve used it!
  • Do you have plans for your stuff?  Reusing or repurposing?  Give yourself a deadline.  I recommend a 1 year rule.  For example, I had a great idea to buy old crappy furniture and refinish it!  Great idea – sure.  However, I have all of that cool furniture sitting in a storage unit!  I gave myself 1 year…my year is up in June – if I haven’t started any of it, I never will so I will be getting rid of it!  This is part of what I call rainy day ways of thinking AND bird brained ideas!  It’s okay to have a rainy day way of thinking and bird brained ideas, just give yourself a deadline!
  • Some people are simply just not receptive to change and here is my only bit of advice on that:

Change can be difficult….

Life is one big learning lesson…we can’t grow as human beings if we are not receptive to change. It’s okay to be comfortable in your surroundings  – it’s your home, it’s your stuff, but most of all it’s YOUR decision.

YOU hold the power to make the decision to downsize – my only piece of advice to you is think about letting go of things that you no longer use, give yourself more room to live, give yourself piece of mind knowing that your children won’t be inundated going through your home, and take advantage of making these decisions while you can.

The key word is……………………….YOU!