What is a Senior Move Manager®?

A Senior Move Manager® is someone who assists older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocating and/or aging in place. Senior Move Managers® provide a variety of services, providing services directly or functioning in an oversight position to ensure tasks are completed properly.  Senior Move Managers® have extensive, practical knowledge about the costs, quality and have access to various local community resources.

DM Home Transitions is an auxiliary member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers® (NASMM).  We can offer services to help older adults to age in place or transition out of their long-held family home.   No matter what the case, DM Home Transitions understands the emotional stress it takes on an aging adult who is emotionally attached to their home which is surrounded by memories.

Transitioning a Loved One to a Facility

DM Home Transitions has experience working with aging seniors and their loved ones who are transitioning them out of their home to a care facility. Sometimes these moves are conducted under tight time restraints while others have none. We work with compassion, patience, and empathy as this process can be stressful and emotional for everyone involved. We will ensure everyone involved has a full understanding of the process from start to finish as we feel communication is key to a successful transition!