Painting your home & how to save on cost…


Are you looking to put your home on the market and debating whether to paint?  Or are you looking at just giving your walls a refreshing new look?  According to, painting your home in preparation to sell can potentially bump the value of your home by 1-2%.  Not only is painting used to cover up imperfections, but it just gives the home an overall fresh look and is more appealing to potential buyers.


You should do an assessment of each room and check the following:

  • What color are the rooms currently painted?
  • What condition are the walls in? (i.e. scuffs, scratches, dents)
  • What is currently on the wall? (i.e. artwork, stenciling, wallpaper/border, personal photos or effects – any of these things you would removing & packing away that would leave holes or screws?)

You have to keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste as  you do and some people can experience color sensitivity.  For example, I love THE Ohio State Buckeyes and I had painted my home office a beautiful scarlet red, but I knew when I was putting my home on the market several years ago that the red might not appeal to potential buyers so I painted the room a nice neutral cream.

So you’ve decided what room you need to paint, now what?  You first need to determine your budget.  Are you painting the room yourself or will you hire a painting contractor?  When you choose to hire a painting contractor, they can bundle your paint into their costs since they will be able to purchase it using a contractor’s discount.  When you choose to do the painting yourself, you are paying for all of the paint and supplies out of your own pocket.

You don’t have to break the bank to paint your home!  Even if you are not going to be looking at putting your home on the market, but you want to freshen the look of your walls, then check out this money saving tip!  You already probably have a multitude of things you need to do your home that are costing you money.  So once you determine which rooms need painted, then you’re ready to select your color(s).  The biggest go-to in paint is Sherwin-Williams.  Sure, it’s great paint, but it can run from $50-85 “per gallon”!  Remember, you need to detach yourself from your home – you’re selling it!  So why spend phenomenal amounts of your hard earned money on top of the line paint for a home that you will no longer call your home?

You need to think about what colors you are covering up and account for how many coats it will take.  Did you know that Sherwin-Williams paint colors can be color matched at Home Depot and Lowe’s?  You can save between 50-75% “per gallon” by doing this!!!  That’s a huge savings!  Simply take your favorite SW color in and give it to the paint department specialist and give the the color name and code.  It’s as simple as that.

At the end of the day, painting your home can bring your home value, give it a fresh new look, and be more appealing to a potential buyer, but you don’t have to sacrifice your other projects for good paint.

Happy Painting…..