Downsizing in Columbus, OH

Streamline your life as you move into your golden years with our approach to downsizing. Whether you are an active senior or a caregiver in need of a more manageable living space for your loved one, DM Home Transitions is ready to help. We sort through all of the clutter that has built up during decades of active living and put it to good use.

The family home has seen a number of changes over the years. From new beginnings and housewarming parties to newborn giggles and birthday gatherings, your home has collected a lifetime of memories. Whether your nest is now empty or all of your belongings over the years have overtaken your home, DM Home Transitions understands that your things have sentimental value and sometimes making the decision to part with memories can be a true struggle.

We will work with you to walk through the emotions of what to do with all of your things, give you the tools and support in making tough decisions and provide a multitude of options on selling, donating, or cleaning out. You don’t have to go through this process alone.

Making Determinations for your Goods

We will approach every downsizing project with a detailed and organized plan. This plan includes going through and letting you determine what is keep, what is to be sold, what is for donation, what is for trash, and what item(s) should be distributed to family or friends. Within this plan, we work with clients not to look at the entire downsizing process as a whole, but in steps – room by room. It’s often overwhelming when looking at everything that needs to be done as a whole.

Once you make the determination then we are ready to take action. When you see those items being dispersed to their proper locations and the number of belongings start to dwindle down and your living space starting to looking more organized, you will feel much better about yourself, your home, and your life.

Contact us today for your FREE no obligation in-home consultation and get on your way to a lighter way of living.